THE ENGLISH BULL MASTIFF................................

Though usually mild-mannered a bull mastiff can also be serious and self-assured, afraid of nothing and does not like to back down.

A puppy (up to 3 years) are full of energy and very bouncy, loving to jump up for a fuss, fortunately adults are calm and quiet and only need moderate exercise to maintain there wonderful muscle tone.

The breed is fiercely loyal to its family and does not like being left outside. If not receiving enough company or personal attention they have been known to go through fences to get to humans.

Although they are a sensible breed when it comes to strangers, the bull mastiff does have strong territorial and protective instincts. Socialisation classes are a must at an early age for this breed so it can distinguish between friend or foe. They can be aggressive towards other dogs of the same sex and they could be ok with the family cat,but other strange animals on their property may not be tolerated.

Tremendously strong and stubborn, Bullmastiffs are inclined to do things their own way and will test members of the family. However, he will respond to early, consistent obedience training that includes leadership, cheerful praise, and food rewards.Overall, he's a splendid, capable companion for assertive owners, but without ongoing time and effort, socialization and supervision, he is too much to handle.

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