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As you will see when you read about the mastiff breeds , most of the dogs can become perfect pets and companions, but their history of guarding, protecting and fighting, as well as their large size and massive weight, makes them dogs which are suitable for pets for responsible, confident and experienced owners only.

Having a dog that can weigh more than an average person and is much stronger than other dogs,animals and humans is a great responsibility not to be sniffed at. 

If you are ready to spend time making sure that your dog from any of these Mastiff breeds gets to meet as many people and to visit as many places as possible when it's young, this will help make it a more sociable animal and will help curb its instinctive protective instincts and aggression. Also, training your Mastiff pup to be obedient is imperative if you want to have full control over this dog later on when it grows up and becomes larger and stronger than you and everybody else.

Overall, all of the dogs from these Mastiff breeds are majestic, beautiful and very impressive canines, which can become the most loyal, loving and devoted pets you have ever had!


This ancient breed which originated in Turkey is also referred to as Kangal or Anatolian Mastiff.  It is a sensitive guard dog which is quite independent but is a great working dog.

The Kangals are at their best when working in pairs to guard sheep and other cattle from predators, and are quite good at effectively protecting up to 150 animals. They have light golden coats and dark masks on their faces and ears.

Being bred to guard livestock, the Kangals are gentle to sheep and other animals as well as to little children. At the same time, they can show aggression towards predators.

Still, if you have young children at home, you should always supervise the communication between them and your Kangal, because accidents can happen due to its large size and weight.

The male Kangals are usually 30-32 inches at the shoulder and weigh up to 145 lbs. but despite their impressive size, they are very agile and are incredibly fast. In fact, they are considered one of the fastest of the Mastiff breeds and can reach a speed of up to 30 mph.

They require quite a lot of physical and mental exercise, so this breed is suitable for people willing to stay active and spend a lot of time outdoors jogging, hiking, cycling or playing with their pets.

They also require more grooming than most of the other Mastiffs.

If socialized and trained well, the Turkish Mastiff is a calm and quiet pet that is devoted to its family and gets along with strangers until it senses a threat.


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These majestic canines are massive and heavy coated mountain dogs which are known for their independence, intelligence, protectiveness, and their reserved nature.

These traits make this ancient breed suitable only for a certain type of owners who are willing to devote a lot of patience and time to train them.

Since the Tibetan Mastiffs have minds of their own, they are hard to train, and will rarely respond to commands or come when called. In fact, they do not respond well to obedience training at all.

The height of the males can reach 26 inches and that of the females can be up to 24 inches, and their weight is about 90 – 150 lbs. for the males and 70-120 lbs. for the females.

The breed is ancient and originated in Tibet where these intimidating canines were used as guardian dogs for livestock.

At home, the Tibetan Mastiffs are calm and devoted to their families, as well as protective of any strangers. If left without sufficient mental and physical exercise these dogs can become bored and destructive.

They are very patient with the children at home as well as with other animals and dogs but can become protective of the young and older family members when a stranger enters the home or approaches them.

Their double coats do not require too much maintenance other than brushing once a week and using a de-shedding tool when the shedding season comes at the beginning of the summer.


NOTES WITH THANKS TO : https://merchdope.com/mastiff-breeds/



The Spanish Mastiff is also known as the Mastín Español. It is an excellent watchdog, and no so friendly to people and other dogs like most of the other Mastiff breeds.

The dogs from this Mastiff breed can reach a height of up to 35 inches and a weight of up to 220 lbs.

The Spanish Mastiffs are very protective and have strong territorial instincts which makes them suitable only for highly experienced owners.

They are also prone to barking and are very independent, and given the fact that the Spanish Mastiffs are usually not as affectionate to their families as the other large dogs from the Mastiff family, they are not the perfect pet for everyone.

They have short but dense coats which need regular brushing, and they require moderate daily exercise. The Spanish Mastiff can adapt well to all climates but will prefer living in a dryer climate.


notes with thanks to :  https://merchdope.com/mastiff-breeds/



The South African Mastiff is better known as a Boerboel and like most of the other dogs from the Mastiff breed is a large, muscular and quite intimidating dog. The giant breed was used for protection of the South African farms from attacks by wild animals like hyenas and lions.

At the same time, the Boerboel is a family-friendly, calm and loving dog that is especially gentle with the children in the family.

The dogs from this South African breed are quite territorial and protective but can be faithful and completely devoted companions to their humans.

These intelligent and obedient dogs require little maintenance, but need a lot of exercises and are prone to chewing and pulling on things, so they need to undergo serious obedience training from an early age.

The average weight of a male Boerboel is about 110-200 lbs. but many of these giant dogs will reach a weight of way over 200 lbs. when fully grown. The males are about 24-28 inches in height, and the females are slightly shorter and will grow to a height of 22-25 inches at the shoulder.

For people with experience in training and socializing large watchdog breeds, the South African Mastiff can become the perfect protective and loyal friend.


NOTES WITH THANKS TO : https://merchdope.com/mastiff-breeds/