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This is Zeus he is a 1 year old Presa Canario, currently residing at Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary in Blackpool, he is a beautiful big boy with an emphasis on the word big ! He is currently 57kg !! 

Zeus will be going to an experienced home with adopters that have the time to devote plenty of one to one training with him, he is currently going from a goofy puppy into an obnoxious teenager so will need a firm hand, the lucky home must also be pet and child free. 

The reason for child free is as with most large breed dogs Zeus is unaware of his actual size and can be accidently clumsy, sadly after being startled by a child in his former home he hurt them totally not on purpose and now is to be rehomed. 

Although he appears to be dog friendly he does need to be socialised and trained in manners when around other dogs , unfortunately most of the dogs at the sanctuary are either smaller than Zeus (not hard) or are dog reactive so they are unable to do this part of his training. It is also not possible to assess him with either cats or small furries , hence at the moment he must be rehomed to a home that is pet free, once socialised and having some manners this may change.

No one knows how Zeus is going to react to being left at home alone, so training is essential, leaving him for short periods then eventually lengthening the time, crate training may also help. 

Zeus does have sensitive digestion so has to eat a hypoallergenic grain free food , he has no other medical issues and has just been neutered. He is also vaccinated. 

Zeus is currently and has only started recently showing signs of food aggression, this could be down to stress of being in the kennels with the other dogs around but this can always be worked on once in his own home. 

If you would be interested in rehoming Zeus you can either email Easterleigh at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or go to their website and download an application form ......................